Meet Black Diamond Cider

4675 Seneca Road, Trumansburg, NY - map


Black Diamond Cider comes from Black Diamond Farm, which Ian and Jackie Merwin have owned since 1992.  Black Diamond Farm is located just north of the Village of Trumansburg, where Ian and Jackie share the labor of the farm and cidery with their daughter Erica Merwin and coworkers Chris Negronida & Alexis Self.

Cider Talk

BD’s cidermaking philosophy is based on natural blends of many different apples (we grow more than 100 varieties) including American heirloom types, European bittersweets & bittersharps, and selected modern apples with high levels of pest resistance and fruit quality.  All of Black Diamond ciders are blends of a dozen or more varieties, selected to provide the right amount of acidity and tannins, complex flavors, intense aromas and textures.  Every ounce of BD cider is made with apples grown on our family orchard in Trumansburg.  Black Diamond relies on slow, cold fermentations, careful selection and blending of apples and yeast strains, and minimal intervention with natural processes to obtain the most enjoyable ciders possible.  

Farm Philosophy

The farm has deep, well-drained glacial till soils with high levels of organic matter, that produce naturally healthy, strong-growing, productive fruit trees and vines.  Black Diamond uses biological controls for many orchard pests, including mulches of wood chips generated on the farm, promotion of beneficial insects and mites, and pheromone-based mating disruption of key insect pests. Natural disease resistance is a key factor in selecting of apple varieties. Black Diamond maintains wildlife corridors and hedgerows to provide habitat for native bee pollinators, hawks, owls, foxes, coyotes, insectivorous birds and other helpful wildlife. A series of ponds provide water for irrigation during droughts, fish for family consumption, and bioremediation for nutrient capture in drainage water outflows from the orchards.  Orchard pest management strategies are based upon intensive monitoring of orchard health and pest populations.  These methods combine integrated controls using the safest, least toxic materials available, based upon current scientific knowledge.  Black Diamond follows the orchard management system used in most European apple orchards today, where it is known as "ecological orcharding" or "integrated fruit production.”  The whole Merwin family works in the orchards and cidery, alongside several part-time workers who are part of farm family.