Redbyrd, fly on! Release party this Saturday and the story behind it all...

...from Eric Shatt and Deva Maas

cidermakers, orchardists, parents and collaborators

The Orchard

In 2003 we started our vision for Redbyrd Cider by planting an orchard high on a hill top near Burdett .  We planted on one acre over 30 varieties of heirloom,  and European cider apple varieties on various rootstocks for trial and experimentation.  This initial planting along with various wild and abandoned orchards in the area became our first ciders.  In 2010 we finished converting an outbuilding on the same property in Burdett, into our cider facility, and became licensed and produced our first commercial vintage of cider in 2011.  In 2012/13/14 we planted 5 more acres of apples on our new site in Trumansburg and look forward to our first sizable crop from these trees this year.  We have stayed small and grown slowly at the speed of our orchards taking fruit.  We strive to produce elegant fruit forward ciders that are not afraid to express the true potential of the apple.  Apples have pizzazz!!!!,  racy acidity, gripping tannins, lofty fruit aromas, and texture like no other.  With the right apples grown on our fabulous rocky Finger Lakes soil we feel we are allowing cider to shine alongside the best beverages in the world.

The Ciders

We're excited to share with you during the upcoming Redbyrd Release Party: 3 distinctly different ciders showcasing the potential of diversity that the apple holds for cider.

2014 Cloudsplitter – This cider has always been our 100% estate grown cider.  We select apple varieties that highlight bright fruit, and mid palate structure to give you a full bodied cider with a clean crisp finish. Crafted from Baldwin, Newtown Pippin, Roxbury Russet, Golden Russet, Wickson Crab, Ashmead's Kernel, Muscadet De Dieppe, Liberty, Medaille d'Or, Nehou, Dabinett, Brown Snout, Stoke Red, and our own cultivated wild apples including Gnarled Chapman and Barn Hill Sharp.    Bone dry, and bottle conditioned.

2014 Wickson Manchurian Crab  -  We were excited to produce a cider last year with a high concentration of crabs, and are even more excited with the results.  “ This cider is loaded!!!”……full of bright fruit, acid and tannins.  Thanks to the power-packed punch that the Wickson and Manchurian crab possess, and the added concentration due to old man winter coming early and freezing our fruit!!

2013 Celeste Sur Lie  -  We feel this is a great example of the influence of yeast lees contact after primary fermentation and in bottle aging.  These techniques add a creaminess and soft yet plentiful structure to the cider, and throw it in a category similar to a fine champagne.  A blend of all, yes all, we pressed in 2013, the list of apples in this cider is too long to mention.

Release Party is this Saturday, August 1st.


Finger Lakes Cider House, directions

See you all this Saturday, August 1st 1-6pm!