Here's to the Trees: A Virtual, and late, Wassail

We certainly honor our trees, yea.  But this year the Twelfth Night AND Old Twelfth Night (Jan 5th and 17th, respectively) passed us right by in our halfway-through-our-first-year-of-tasting-room+farm life.  Please join us virtually, at whatever time you please, in thanking our trees here at Good Life Farm, and spread some arboreal appreciation.

In particular, we'll pay small homage to our favorite storage apple ye olde GoldRush. Not old at all, GoldRush is actually a carefully bred newbie, starting its named life in the 1970's.  For our farm, it is a hands down gorgeous organic eating and cider apple.  It is sweet and crisp, but tart enough to bring acidity to hard cider.  It stores like a champ and so...

We have it here, for sale, still!
Email Me if you want some Gold of your own

Chant with us the limerick written for GoldRush by one Garrett Miller, prince of poignant poetics.

There once was an apple called GoldRush
the sun sang it praise and it blushed.
And though the sun went away,
the red’s here to stay,
now this tasty blonde apple is Gold Not So Much