Good Life Barrel Rye Wins 2017 Good Food Awards!

More about the Awards and our Traditional Method Orchard Cider

What are the Good Food Awards?

Criteria, with which we concur

The Good Food Awards were created to redefine ‘good food’ as being tasty, authentic and responsible. We aim to set criteria for entry that are realistic and inclusive of food and drink producers who have demonstrated a commitment to be part of building a tasty, authentic and responsible food system, going far above and beyond the status quo for their industry, while not making them so strict that eligible participants are limited to a small handful of products. The Good Food Awards reviews and revises its category criteria each year under the supervision of its Committee Members to ensure that the criteria advance with the advancement of each industry. The Awards are rooted in a belief that by being inclusive, our American food system will more closely embody the principles of tasty, authentic and responsible more quickly.


• Food is delicious, bringing joy to those who consume it.
• No artificial ingredients are used.
• Food is an expression of tradition and culture.
• Seasonality and locality are valued in crafting of food.
• Respect and fair compensation are core values within the production chain.
• Ingredients are grown without synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides and are GMO free.
• Growing practices are chosen to promote healthy soil and biodiversity.
• Local ingredients are utilized wherever possible.
• Water and resource conservation and recycling are practiced.
• Transparency and honesty is practiced with consumers.
• Direct, face-to-face communication is sought out between growers, food crafters and everyone else in the production chain.
• Good animal husbandry is practiced and farm animals can eat and behave according to their natural instincts.

How We Fit

Good Life Cider is an expression of Good Life Farm.  Good Life Farm is a wildly diverse small organic farm where we focus on Good Soil to create Good Fruit and Good Cider. Two of our ciders- ‘Cazenovia’ and ‘Honeoye’- are named for the main soil types on the farm.

Good Life Farm is owned by Garrett Miller and Melissa Madden, who work alongside a delightful and dedicated crew.  Our orchard is young, and we use a mix of our own high-brix organic apples and those sourced from nearby Finger Lakes orchards. Good Life Cider comes from the hearts and minds of the Brothers Miller- Garrett and Jimmy form a dynamic duo to turn FLX fruit into your drink.

Our ciders are distinctly American in style, which means we’re not afraid to borrow from the world of traditions. Good Life Cider creatively blends international influences with a taste of the Finger Lakes through our mineral-rich, acidic apples. Our cider line ranges from tannic and dry to bright, fruit-forward and sweet; in sparkling, traditional method (champagne) and barrel-aged styles.  Our range is based on traditional bittersweet apples and sharp, acidic heirloom fruits. 

'Barrel Rye' highlights the fabled NYS-native Golden Russet apple, balanced with the tannic influence of bittersweets 'Yarlington Mill', 'Dabinett', and 'Tremlitt's Bitter'.  'Barrel Rye' is a barrel-aged, traditional method cider, with natural bubbles from a second in-bottle fermentation.  We disgorge all our bottles here at Good Life Farm and age for several months with cork and cage before releasing each vintage for sale.

Where to try 'Barrel Rye'

In honor and gratitude, we offer free tastings of 'Barrel Rye' through February, right here!  Drop by any day of the week (we are still open 7 days a week through the winter) and tell us you want to explore Good Food.

How to get 'Barrel Rye'

Buy it here!  We will always have it on our shelves, and you can taste it for free!

Not in our area and can't stop by?  We'll ship!  Order on our online cider store.

Looking for it now?  Email us for locations in upstate NY and the New York metro area!