How to choose your holiday cider

For A Crowd and For A Feast: Cider Buying Guidelines

Featuring the menu stylings of Lisa Jonckheere, co-owner (and beverage director, to say the least) of Trumansburg's own Hazelnut Kitchen.

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First and foremost - every GREAT dinner starts with bubbles. 

So grab your favorite Brut or Celeste Sur Lie and drink to friends, family and memories.  Cheers!

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All day snacking / first course

Look for a cider that is dry, bright, minerally, light tannins, tart and sassy. 

Some Cider House ciders to try: Baldwin, Pippin, Funkhouse, Darling Creek, Slatestone


Try a cider that’s dry or with a touch a of sweetness.  It’s the holidays, you came for the food.  Don’t pick a cider that’s going to over-power the flavors but find one that will cut through the rich buttery sides. 

Northern Spy, Geneva Russset, Workman Dry, Autumn's Gold, Hickster or well rounded, perfect for any day ciders. 


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Dessert is supposed to be sweet, so pair your cider the same way.  Nobody wants to skip dessert but if you are too full you want a cider that can stand up on its own.  This way your guests feel like they are having dessert in a glass. 

Royal, Pommeau, Ice Cider, Essence

Unless of course you are having cheese – then treat it as a first course pairing. 

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Come taste at the Cider House! 

We are running a Thanksgiving tasting special through Nov 22- buy 3 ciders and get 10% off!

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