Breaking News: April 2017

Eve's Cidery now offers on-farm, by appointment tastings in Van Etten

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Three and a half years ago, the Finger Lakes Cider House opened its door with a unique idea: provide a retail space for cider friends and colleagues who didn't have one and simultaneously become a destination for tasting cider from multiple producers in one spot. We've been proud and honored to be part of Melissa and Garrett's ambitious project. Since 2015, the cider industry as a whole has evolved, the Cider House has evolved, Eve's has evolved, and at this point in time, we are ready to tell the story of our land and our cider in our particular voice. We believe that the future of cider in our region lies in it's ability to tell the story of the land, a story about the way in which a specific place can be translated into cider, a story that connects people intimately to a place through what's in their glass. We believe people will be most interested in the region when they can get to know individual producers and their specific sites and we'd like to get better at helping folks do that. We love and admire Melissa and Garrett and are excited to continue to work closely with them as me move into our next chapter.

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