Good Life Farm, home to Finger Lakes Cider House

Two Names, Same Place

You may or may not know... the Cider House lives on our organic, bio-diverse Good Life Farm! We have all our farm-specific info at that website, should you perhaps desire a turkey for Thanksgiving, or ginger to hoard, or more farm life generally!

2017 Organic Thanksgiving Turkeys


Good Life Farm turkeys are certified organic, pastured and delighted! We move our birds in and about our asparagus and post fruit harvest in the orchard for permaculture-style control of overwintering insect pests and to lay down fertility for next year's crops. You can visit them near the Cider House, somewhere out in the orchard, moving daily.

For more info and to order, please visit our Good Life Farm turkey order page!

Organic, Baby Ginger and Turmeric!

Deliveries to Ithaca and pick up here!

Good Life ginger and turmeric are harvested fresh and delivered the same day.  As a tropical plants grown in the much shorter season of the Northeast, these are perishable and are different than the cured ginger/turmeric we generally find in the store.  Young ginger and turmeric lend a flavor and freshness to dishes that surpasses cured rhizomes, as well as opening up more opportunities for culinary experimentation.  

For more info and to order, please visit our Good Life Farm ginger and turmeric page!


Organic Apples

'Enterprise' and 'Goldrush' available!

$2.50/lb, 5# min.

More info on ordering apples from Good Life Farm