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Cider Release Party with Black Diamond!

Chat with Ian about Black Diamond Cider's newest additions...

Porter's Pommeau

Porter’s Pommeau is our Finger Lakes version of a fortified dessert apple-­‐wine tradition in Normandy, France. It started as fresh cider from one of our English bittersweet apples— Porter’s Perfection. The fermentation was stopped early by fortifying with oak-­‐aged distilled eau de vie—cider spirits from Jonagold apples, a Cornell variety that attains its fullest flavor in the Finger Lakes region. The finished pommeau is about 20%ABV, with 7% residual sugars rounding out the velvet soft tannins and ripe fruit fragrance of late-­‐harvested Porter’s Perfection apples grown at our farm in Trumansburg.

Porter's Pommeau-Brand Label.jpg

First Fling

First Fling Cider is our version of a “cidre nouveau” made from Ellis Bitter (an English
bittersweet apple), St. Edmond’s Pippin (an old English russet), Chestnut Crab, William’s
Pride and Sansa—our favorite early ripening apples of the harvest season. This cider is
lightly carbonated and has just a touch of sweetness, balanced by crisp acidity and softly
lingering tannins, with aromatics of passion fruit, vanilla, and Meyer lemon. It pairs well
with many kinds of food, and tastes best when chilled before serving.
ABV =7.2% RS = 1% TA = 6 g/L Fermented with Alchemy I and R2 yeasts


Later Event: December 13
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