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Summer Cider Release with Eve's Cidery!

Saturday, June 27, 1-6 p.m.

Meet the Cider Maker

Autumn Stoscheck- Eve's cider maker, great initiator and mentor to Finger Lakes Cider House folks- will be on hand to pour through an interesting flight of Eve's ciders, including the never before released Scatter Seed and Summer Blend. These two limited release ciders are experimental bottlings and are manifestations of new ways we are thinking about and exploring making cider these days.

Built to Pair

FLCH chef Katie Church will prepare a curated tasting board of local delicacies chosen specifically to go with the Eve's Cidery flight, which ranges from still and dry to dessert style ice cider.

The Menu

Summer Blend- Dry, Still.  This austere, dry, still cider surprised us with its unmistakable lemon-lime nose and remarkable thirst quenching qualities. The mid pallet is airy, tart and juicy; reminiscent of fresh green apple slices. Kumquat, bitter orange peel and chalk make for a finish that is both substantial and lingering.  Like most of our ciders, this is a complex blend. Some of the main components are Spy, Ellis Bitter and Dabinett. (7.5% ABV, <1% RS)

Paired w. Miso-Pickled Radishes (Small World Foods, Youth Farm Project)

Scatterseed- Estate grown. Dry. Champagne Style. After spontaneous ML fermentation, this 2012 deeply tannic cider blend was aged sur-lie for two years before being blended with the 2013 vintage and bottled with a tirage to impart natural bubbles following the traditional method. The result is a dry, chewy, sparkling cider with aromatic layers of rich earth and ripe fruit. (8.1% ABV, 0.06% RS)

Paired w. Smoked Shiitakes (Double E)

Darling Creek-  Estate grown.  Semi-dry. Champagne style. A blend of English and French bittersweets and bittersharps, fruity American cider apples and seedling varieties.  The aroma is a play between sweet- honeysuckle, apple blossom and red apple; herbal gin, licorice, and allspice; and green tomato and sapling. The mouthfeel is big and thick with a soft but dry, velvety texture. The finish is full and balanced with lingering notes of sweet sour apricot. (8% ABV, 1.5% RS)

Paired w. Beef Summer Sausage (Engelbert Farms)

Rustica- Estate grown. Sweet. Champagne style.  Rustica receives a dose of “sweet reserve” after disgorging.  Aromas of apple butter, apple juice, fresh apple and vanilla move into an airy cream soda quality mid-palate.  Fresh and juicy on the finish, dominated by ripe apple and watermelon. (6.2% ABV, 3% RS)

Paired w. Sourdough Bread and Butter (Wide Awake Bakery, Kriemhild Dairy) 

Essence-  Estate grown. Ice Cider.  Aromas of caramel, baked apple, and all spice. A heavy bodied and viscous mouth feel are balanced by a succulent acidity. Sugar and acid find equilibrium in the finish. (10 % ABV, 15.5% RS)

Paired w. Bleue Cheese and Honey (Northland Sheep Dairy, Waids Apiary)