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Cider Maker's Afternoon with Eve's Cidery

Join us for an awesome afternoon with Autumn, cider maker extra-extraordinaire, and exquisite pairings with Eve's cider line up!

Menu w. Pairings

Summer Blend.  Still and Dry.  Lemon-lime nose. The mid-palette is airy, tart and juicy, Kumquat, bitter orange peel and chalk. (7.5% ABV, <1% RS) 

Paired w. Smokey Baba Ganouj, housemade

Scatterseed. Estate grown. Dry. Champagne Style. ML fermentation vintage ’12 blended with ‘13 and bottled with a tirage. Dry, chewy, sparkling cider with aromatic layers of rich earth and ripe fruit.  (8.1% ABV, 0.06% RS)  

Paired w. Peach Salsa, housemade

Darling Creek.  Estate grown.  Semi-dry. Champagne style.  A blend of English and French bittersweets and bittersharps, fruity American cider apples and seedling varieties.  The aroma is a play between sweet- honeysuckle, apple blossom and red apple; herbal gin, licorice, and allspice; and green tomato and sapling. The mouthfeel is big and thick with a soft but dry, velvety texture. The finish is full and balanced with lingering notes of sweet sour apricot.  (8% ABV, 1.5% RS)

Paired w. Rye Bread w. Butter, Wide Awake Bakery, Kriemhild Dairy

Essence.  Estate grown. Ice Cider. Aromas of caramel, baked apple, and all spice. A heavy bodied and viscous mouth feel are balanced by a succulent acidity. Sugar and acid find equilibrium in the finish.  (10 % ABV, 15.5% RS)

Paired w. Ginger Ice Cream, Good Life Farm and housemade

Earlier Event: August 7
Friday Night Cider+Dinner+Music!
Later Event: August 14
Friday Night Cider+Dinner+ Music!