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Packbasket Release with South Hill Cider and Swamp Road Baskets

Join us to celebrate South Hill's Packbasket and Jamin Uticone's Swamp Road Basket Artistry!


Jamin will demonstrate techniques used in traditional wood splint basketry. Specializing in Adirondack packs and strapped carriers, created from black and white ash trees.  This Smithsonian recognized craftsman has created baskets for the past 17 years.   Baskets from trees, grown, harvested and woven in the Swamp!   

Packbasket, the Cider

100% Wild Seedling Apples and Pears, 22% wild pears, 78% wild apples

Last year (2014) the regional crop of wild apples was very light, but Steve (SHC) managed to find enough wild fruit to make 28 cases of Packbasket cider. Because 2014 was such a light year for apples in our area, this year there is a bumper crop.  This is due to the biennial nature of apple trees.  This phenomenon is an echo from 2012 when in the unseasonably warm March of 2012 the apple trees flowered too early, leaving them vulnerable to being damaged by spring frosts. Since 2012 wild apple trees are synced up to have on years and off years together. Come try some rare wild apple cider from 2014 before it is gone forever.

Jamin Uticone's basket-making demo

Jamin Uticone's basket-making demo