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Holiday Art Show Featuring Cider House Staff

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Nov 15, 2016 - Jan 1, 2017 in the Tasting Room

Featuring the work of beloved Cider House Staff...

Audrey Bialke

Audrey holds a Bachelor of Arts from SUNY Fredonia with degrees in Visual Arts and English. She mainly works in oils, but is also a fledgling printmaker. Her works reflect the traditional training she received in her undergraduate studies. She currently lives in Trumansburg, NY, and will display Oil Paintings from her most recent artist in residence experience in Wales.

Brad Defrees

Brad is an avid nature explorer who resides in Fall Creek. His love for wilderness, bucolic setting, and animals inspire his work through photography and watercolor painting.

Matt Gordon

Co-manages Good Life Farm with owners Melissa and Garrett and is a printmaker, woodworker and musician living in Interlaken. While he has primarily focused on music over the last several years, the art on display here will showcase pieces of various media from his time in the Printmaking and Wood Design departments at SUNY New Paltz. 

Nicole Costa

Nicole is working on a body of work called attempt to document, pay homage to and cultivate an international-yoga-farm-gypsy lifestyle. The medium is acrylic on and cardboard.

Iron Owl Design Works/Rachel Ostlund

As Iron Owl Design Works, Rachel Ostlund creates notecards printed with hand carved stamps, designs custom printed clothing, paints children's murals, designs logos for small businesses -- all with the intent of fostering a sense of joy, love and compassion through art and craft.  Rachel also owns Iron Owl Kitchen - a small business committed to to supporting communities and nurturing relationships with thoughtfully executed events & beautiful, nourishing food. More information about her food and craft can be found at

Silene DeCiucies

Silene is an aspiring potter in her spare moments. This body of work will focus on the interaction between pots and light with a wintry palette.