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Black Diamond Cider Release Party: Solistice and Hickster

Black Diamond 2 Cider Release Party!

Excited to welcome back a new vintage of Hickster, with a great label by Q Cassetti in the bird vein.  And very excited to meet the new Solistice- first time release from BD! Join us for free tasting and discussion with Ian, the master orchardist and cider maker extraordinaire!

Hickster Cider is a blend of American heirloom russets and European bittersweet apples chosen by our resident hicksters –Chris and Alexis – that reflects their love of apples, hard work in the orchards, and good times together. This cider is crisp and off-dry, with complex tannins and just enough sweetness to keep you wanting more. Enjoy it with friends over a bountiful meal. Bold tannins and sharp balancing acid up front, slightly sweet, smooth, but complex finish with hints of vanilla and apple. Alcohol: 7.2%   Residual Sugar: 1.5% (off-dry)  PH: 3.47  TA: 9.6 g/l.   European Bittersweets /Bittersharps – 40%    North American Heirloom Sharps – 60%

Solstice Still Cider is a blend of our late harvest Golden and Roxbury Russets, Hudson’s Gem, Chisel Jersey, Dabinett, Brown Snout, Porters Perfection and GoldRush apples. Its flavors are ripe and round, with aromas of roasted nuts and cinnamon, and a tantalizing complex finish.  Solstice is still and bone dry (0.0% R.S.), with crisp acidity (pH=3.5, TA=7.6 g/L) and soft, dense tannins. Enjoy an authentic Yankee cider without the fizz!