Cider, Dinner and Music with Bronwen Exter


Friday dinner menu is posted by Wednesday, July 13


Cider Flights, On Tap and Bottle Pours, all evening!  Non alcoholic and low-al also available for kids and designated drivers!  See our options here...

Music with Bronwen Exter, 6 - 8 PM

Bronwen's website is a fascinating read on musical themes, and we recommend you check it out!  In brief, she'll focus on a mix of rock/lounge/country, all emphasized by this quote... "COME ALL YE COWGIRLS AND BARFLIES, TRAGIC COMEDIANS AND LAZY POETS, ALL YE DISCIPLES, DEGENERATES, AND DOWAGERS. IF BRONWEN EXTER HASN'T WRITTEN A SONG THAT SPEAKS RIGHT TO YOU YET, IT'S TIME YOU LIVE A LITTLE, DARLIN."

Check out Bronwen here...