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Ithaca's Wizarding Weekend Potions Crawl

Wizarding Weekend.jpg

Welcome to Wizarding Weekend 2017 and "Professor Paulie's Omni-Flavored Elixirs," the interactive Coltivare potions crawl location! 

This family friendly experience includes a one of a kind build-your-own-brew station, allowing guests to create their own concoction under the keen supervision of the preeminent Professor Paulie (and his magical mustache!). Sourcing from a wide array of shrubs and syrups, ranging from sweet to savory and pleasant to pungent, this potions crawl stop is sure to please even the pickiest palate. 

*Please note all potions ingredients for this event are non-alcoholic.* 


If you are looking for adult beverages, consider registering for our companion class, Advanced Potions for Adults. Cheers!