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Cider-Maker Tastings: Redbyrd Orchard Cider

Taste with Eric Shatt, Redbyrd Orchardist and Cider-Maker Extraordinarie

Featuring new releases 'Wild Pippin' and 'Andromeda Crab' and the much-lauded 'Celeste Sur Lie'

These ciders reveal the aging potential of high quality cider fruit.  'Wild Pippin' and 'Celeste Sur Lie' are both naturally sparkling from a nice, long second fermentation in the bottle.  All three ciders feature a classic Redbyrd mix of high acid, unique cider apples gleaned from the wilds of our area and their own very special orchard.  Want to know more?  Come ask Eric!

This tasting is free and open to the 21+ public.