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Cider-Maker Afternoon: Black Diamond Farm and Cider

Taste with Ian Merwin, Veteran Orchardist, Cider-Maker and Apple Advocate for life

Featuring new vintages of Slatestone '16, First Fling '16, Hickster '16 and 2 beloved ciders from 2015

This tasting will be served by the Cider-Maker as a $14 flight and is open to the 21+ public.

Black Diamond Cider Details:

Solstice Still Cider '15 is completely dry.  It’s a complex blend of late-harvested Golden and Roxbury Russets, Hudson’s Gem, Chisel Jersey, Dabinett, Brown Snout, and Porters Perfection apples, pressed on the Winter Solstice in 2015.  It has aromas of mango, almonds, and melons.  Its acidity is balanced with complex tannins, for a finish that evolves slowly with each sip.  Still ciders are the original Yankee drink, and this one is a heavy hitter with an ABV of 8.5%; pH 3.5, Residual sugar 0%;  and TA 7.6 g/L. 

SlateStone '16 is our “terroir” cider made from European bittersweets and American heirloom apples.  This cider is crisp, rustic, and bone dry, with aromas of green apples and citrus. It can be paired with many different foods.   Soft tannins and mineral notes, with a long earthy finish.  ABV: 8.3%  Residual Sugar: 0.0%   pH: 3.53  TA: 6.9 g/l.

FirstFling '16 is the first cider we make each harvest season. It’s a blend of Ellis and Tremletts Bitter, Somerset and Hereford Redstreak, St. Edmond’s Pippin, and other early ripening cider apples.  This cider is lightly carbonated, with a hint of sweetness balanced by a touch of tartness. Its tannins are soft and lingering, and this cider pairs well with many kinds of food.  ABV: 7.3%   Residual Sugar: 0.9% (semi-dry);  pH 3.3 and TA 5.6 g/L .

Hickster '16 features Calville Blanc and Ashmead's Kernel as well as a number of our late ripening bittersweet and bittersharp varieties including Brown Snout, Porters Perfection, Chisel Jersey, Late Harrison and Dabinett.  It is made up of 40% European Bittersweets, the highest proportion of tannic fruit in any of our 2016 ciders.  This cider aims to hit the delicate balance between sweetness and acidity, while finding depth in its tannic structure. In the glass:  Aromas of ripe honeydew and russet apples, bright acidity tempered by subtle sweetness gives way to bold, earthy tannins that linger into a fruit-filled, smooth finish.  T.A – 6.6g/l, ABV – 8.3, R.S. - 1.5%

Porter’s Pommeau '15 is a fortified blend of partially fermented fresh cider made from Porter’s Perfection—an old English bittersweet apple—and oak-aged apple eau de vie distillate from Jonagold apples.  Pommeau is a dessert cider tradition from Normandy, France.  Intense fragrances of ripe apples and vanilla, velvety tannins, and a smooth sweet finish. Enjoy it with dessert, or by the fireside.  ABV: 20%;  Residual Sugar: 7.5%