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Dinner and Music with Endres Kincaid

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Music 6 - 9 PM with Endres Kincaid

Endres Kincaid plays 21st century East Coast cowboy music, and every word he has written, he lived first.  Issuing from his voice, resonator guitar, harmonica and basic drum set, and told with passion, rhythm and energy, come stories about work, travel, and occasionally love or other feelings for humans or animals.  His latest batch of music, "Songs for the Strange" is essentially a concept album paying tribute to the horse, Strangely, who has carried him across several states in a partnership dating to 2001.

Food begins at 6 PM

Friday dinner menu is posted by Wednesday, October 11


Cider Flights, On Tap and Bottle Pours, all evening!  Non alcoholic and low-al also available for kids and designated drivers!