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'Ciderology' Book Chat with the Ciderologist Gabe Cook

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Join us for a pairing happy hour with the Ciderologist…

Led by ‘Ciderology’ author Gabe Cook

$20 for Kite & String+Eve’s Cidery flights and pairings.



Ciderology is about understanding the way cider making has evolved over the centuries, from the heart of cider country to the new wave of cider makers. It’s about learning how terroir and climate affect the quality of cider, just like a wine; and how to match your favourite dishes with the perfect cider. It’s about wassailing, community and tradition, but is also about the innovative and creative craft cider makers emerging all over the world.

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Kite & String + Eve’s Cidery Flight Pairing Menu

Eve’s Cidery Perry Pear - Good Life Farm Green Pepper, Lively Run Chèvre, House-made Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette

An exploration of the senses. Traditional Method Perry Pear is elegant, with a nose of white flowers leading to light acid, citrus, and the unmistakable expression of fermented pears. Paired with crisp green peppers, and a zippy, savory vinaigrette. We invite you to remember brisk September days when the garden is teeming, the blue sky is scattered with clouds, and light catches on slowly ripening perry pears.

Eve’s Cidery Dabinett Spy - Pulled Pork, House-made Hot Sauce, Pickled Onion, Crostini

A contrast in texture, a subtle match in flavor. Still and dry, Dabinett Spy starts with a light floral nose, and deepens into raw honey, dried pear, and a soft acid. Smoky tannins match our house-smoked pulled pork, and this cider’s structure holds up against hot sauce and pickled onion. A perfect pairing for a bonfire, with a gentle breeze carrying smoke into the night sky.

Kite & String Pioneer Pippin - Northland Sheep Dairy Tomme, House-made Pickled Beet

A tribute to balance. Traditional Method Pioneer Pippin is exuberant, wildly tart, with a palate of fresh cranberry, unripe apple, tenacious tannins, and a counteracting sweetness. The sheep’s milk cheese and pickled beet combination are grounding; the rustic Tomme is nutty and salty, and the beets are earthy, crunchy, and zingy. This pairing compels us to think of days in early November, blue sky after a storm. The leaves are golden, there’s mud on our boots, and the tree trunks are dark from rain.

Kite & String Royal Cider - Lively Run Cayuga Blue, Waid’s Honey, Cacao Nibs

A study of splendor. Fortified dessert cider Royal Cider is decadent, with lavish layers of caramel, vanilla, and baked apple. Cayuga Blue is creamy, robust, and piquant; an enticing contrast to sweet fall flower honey, and rich, dark cacao nibs. For this pairing we recommend an attractive armchair, a good book, and the first snow lightly falling outside the window.

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