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Cider Club Pairing Party: Tours and Tastings with Garrett and Melissa

Kite & String Cider Club Pairing Party!

Tours, Tastings and the November Pick Up!

Join the Cider Club to hang out with Garrett and Melissa all afternoon!


Kite & String Cider Club Cellar Party

K & S Cider pairings by Audrey Bialke 

Funkhouse - Lively Run Cheddar, Garlic Scape Pesto, Crostini

Creature comforts. Funkhouse’s buttery mouthfeel and creamy bubbles match the cheddar’s semi-soft rich texture. Earthy, toasty Funkhouse meets sharp, nutty cheddar, and the experience is elevated by vibrant, zippy garlic scape pesto. We recommend enjoying this pairing in front of a wood stove after a busy autumn day. 


Baldwin - Good Life Farm Asparagus Pickles

Invigorating intensity. Baldwin’s tropical flavors and bracing acidity are matched well to our asparagus pickles, which are the last relic of our harvest during May and June. Lightly crunchy, intricately spiced pickles meet Baldwin’s bright fruitiness and sophisticated dry finish. Pair with lively conversation and a view across the lake. 


Golden Russet - Walnuts

Elegant simplicity. Golden Russet is complex; aged in charred American oak, this cider is savory, smoky and a little bit honey-sweet. Buttery walnuts add a slight crunch to this effortless taste experience. Perfect for an early evening snack while cooking dinner, savory smells wafting through a warmly lit kitchen. 


Pioneer Pippin - Northland Sheep Dairy Tomme, House-made Pickled Beet

A tribute to balance. Pioneer Pippin is exuberant, wildly tart, with a palate of fresh cranberry, unripe apple, tenacious tannins, and a counteracting sweetness. The sheep’s milk cheese and pickled beet combination are grounding; the rustic Tomme is nutty and salty, and the beets are earthy, crunchy, and zingy. This pairing compels us to think of days in early November, blue sky after a storm. The leaves are golden, there’s mud on our boots, and the tree trunks are dark from rain.


Northern Spy - Lively Run Chèvre, Good Life Farm Blueberry Ginger Jam, Crostini

As the days get darker, fruity and crisp Northern Spy invites us to remember the fresh fruit in summer, and sun on our faces. Blueberry ginger jam is a lively and sweet, while the chèvre is tangy and lends a smooth, velvety texture. When the wind howls and cold rain pours this combination heralds a sunlit season, when fresh fruit is abundant. 


Royal Cider - Lively Run Cayuga Blue, Waid’s Honey

A study of splendor. Royal Cider is decadent, with lavish layers of caramel, vanilla, and baked apple. Cayuga Blue is creamy, robust, and piquant; an enticing contrast to sweet fall flower honey. For this pairing we recommend an attractive armchair, a good book, and snow lightly falling outside the window.


Earlier Event: November 17
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Later Event: November 23