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The Sweet Bough Wedding Collective Presents: The Finger Lakes Wedding Showcase

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The Sweet Bough Wedding Collective Presents: The Finger Lakes Wedding Showcase

Wedding Showcase Details

Join us for an afternoon at the Finger Lakes Cider House - grab a glass of cider, chat with vendors offering everything from catering to bouquet preservation, gaze out over the frozen farm landscape listening to live classical guitar music … We’re here to help you and your beloved plan a day that is unique, joyful (and within your budget - whatever that may be!).  By the time you leave the showcase, we hope you both feel calm, confident and excited for your wedding!

We are thrilled to create a space for nearlyweds that is an alternative to traditional expos.  We have assembled a terrific bunch of vendors who have all committed to adhering to a set of shared values, and who are committed to being inclusive, supportive, transparent… and fun to work with!

Is there any fee to attend? Do guests need to RSVP?

There is no RSVP required and no entrance fee.  Everyone is welcome!


Who’s invited?

Feel free to come by yourself, with your beloved, with your parents, your friends - you’re all welcome to join us!  Oftentimes, showcases can feel very gendered - we’re excited to create a space where everyone feels welcome.

And along those lines… we are thrilled to work with all couples. We support the right of every couple to marry, and happily work on weddings for LGBTQ couples, straight couples, couples of all races, ethnicities and religious or non-religious backgrounds.  We love love!


The Sweet Bough Wedding Ethos

A wedding is a celebration of the marriage of you and your beloved.  First and foremost, that’s what we are all here for.  The details of the party come second - they should never feel like they are overshadowing what the wedding is really about!

We also don’t believe there are any shoulds that go along with weddings - you don’t have to serve meat for dinner, you don’t have to be walked down the aisle by a parent, and no one has to wear white.  While we are happy to provide advice and suggestions, we’re also happy to support you in creating a unique wedding that truly reflects the two of you.


What’s IS the Sweet Bough Collective?

The collective is a partnership between Rachel (a wedding coordinator - Kinship & Company) & Allison (a documentary-style photographer).  We’ve made the commitment to support couples planning weddings of all makes, shapes, and sizes in the Finger Lakes region.  

The idea for the collective came about when we both realized that there is a special synergy that comes from working a wedding with another vendor with whom we really connect – and we wanted to figure out how to expand on this synergy, and make it easier for couples to find groups of vendors who can easily come together to form a cohesive team. We also maintain listings of other vendors that are aligned with our values and practices, that we’ve worked with in the past, and that we’re proud to recommend, and we list them on our vendor community page.  The wedding showcase is our way of bringing this group of vendors all together in one room, so that it easy for couples to find the best vendor matches for them.

Interested in reading about the “terms of engagement” we have all agreed to, or learning more about the vendors who are attending?

Visit our website!



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