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Mother's Day Brunch


Treat Your Mama and Your Family!

Cider House Mother's Day Brunch

Sunday, May 13-- 12 - 4 PM

We are full for reservations! For waitlist inquiries:

We are looking forward to this feast with family!  Mother's Day is a great time for relaxing together... and to make it easy on you and to keep it calm, we'll be seating every 45 minutes. 

We are full for reservations! For waitlist inquiries:



Main Dishes


Savory crepe with eggs, bacon, gouda, onions.  Dijon cider cream sauce. Simple side salad with Good Life asparagus. $17

Pairing: Glacial Till or Northern Spy.  Non-alcoholic: Ginger Bear.



Ginger ciabatta french toast.  Maple syrup. Whipped cream. Blueberry ginger peach jam.  (VEG) $14

Pairing: Funkhouse or Rose.  Non-alcoholic: Peach ginger shrub cocktail.



Greens, lemon peach ginger vinaigrette, hard boiled eggs, FLX Gold cheese, sprouts, watermelon radish, quick pickled carrot, toasted pepitas and Good Life asparagus.  (VEG, GF) $12

Pairing: Geneva Russet or Honeoye.  Non-alcoholic: Tomato basil shrub cocktail.


Sides: $5

Greens, vinaigrette, sprouts, pepitas Good Life asparagus.  (V,DF,GF)

House made pork breakfast sausage patty.  (DF,GF)

Bacon. Three slices.  (DF,GF)


Sides:  $3

Sweet cinnamon cornbread.  Jalapeno honey butter. (VEG,GF)

Sourdough toast.  Peach jam. (V,GF)

Spiced homefries.  (V,DF,GF)


Sweet Bites: $10


House granola, maple yogurt, apple chips, honey.  (VEG)

Pairing: Cazenovia.  Non-alcoholic: Switchel



Blue cheese, honey, crystallized ginger, caramel, cacao and anise nibs.  (VEG,GF)

Pairing: Pommeau / Traditional Ice Cider.  Non-alcoholic: Beet lemon shrub cocktail.