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Mother's Day Brunch


Treat Your Mama and Your Family!

Cider House Mother's Day Brunch

Sunday, May 13-- 12 - 4 PM

We are looking forward to this feast with family!  Mother's Day is a great time for relaxing together... and to make it easy on you and to keep it calmm, we'll be seating every 15 minutes. 

Reservations strongly recommended, by email only:



Main Dishes


Savory crepe with eggs, bacon, gouda, onions.  Dijon cider cream sauce. Simple side salad. $17

Pairing: Glacial Till or Northern Spy.  Non-alcoholic: Ginger Bear.



Ginger ciabatta french toast.  Maple syrup. Whipped cream. Blueberry ginger peach jam.  (VEG) $14

Pairing: Funkhouse or Rose.  Non-alcoholic: Peach ginger shrub cocktail.



Greens, lemon peach ginger vinaigrette, hard boiled eggs, FLX Gold cheese, sprouts, watermelon radish, quick pickled carrot, toasted pepitas.  (VEG, GF) $12

Pairing: Geneva Russet or Honeoye.  Non-alcoholic: Tomato basil shrub cocktail.


Sides: $5

Greens, vinaigrette, sprouts, pepitas.  (V,DF,GF)

House made pork breakfast sausage patty.  (DF,GF)

Bacon. Three slices.  (DF,GF)


Sides:  $3

Sweet cinnamon cornbread.  Jalapeno honey butter. (VEG,GF)

Sourdough toast.  Peach jam. (V,GF)

Spiced homefries.  (V,DF,GF)


Sweet Bites: $10


House granola, maple yogurt, apple chips, honey.  (VEG)

Pairing: Cazenovia.  Non-alcoholic: Switchel



Blue cheese, honey, crystallized ginger, caramel, cacao and anise nibs.  (VEG,GF)

Pairing: Pommeau / Traditional Ice Cider.  Non-alcoholic: Beet lemon shrub cocktail.


I Love You Mom

Mini apple crostata.  (VEG)

Pairing: Royal Cider.  Non-alcoholic: Cider Syrup mocktail.