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Kite & String 2017 Champagne Release Party

20176 champagne release party.jpg

Celebrating our big year of method champenoise cider production!

Drop in on our release party for the 2017 vintages of Geneva Russet, Funkhouse,  Pioneer Pippin, Baldwin and Cyser! 

Saturday, June 30

Drop In Anytime: Noon - 5 PM

We're passionate about cider making, and as young students, each vintage is a unique opportunity to express the year's particular growing conditions and our best shot at working with the resulting fruit. We believe that for our drier ciders, the champagne method is a wonderful opportunity to showcase cider fruit and cellar techniques.

Our Garrett-Jimmy-Melissa of K&S cider makers and farmers will taste you through this line up all afternoon. We'll explore the cellar and discuss the process of methode champenoise and why this method works for these particular ciders.

Love to have you, anytime!