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2018 Heritage Apple Meeting Dinner

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Tracking Down, Identifying and Preserving Heritage Apples

Thursday, September 13

6:30 - 9PM Dinner and networking

40/person, Open to all, REGISTER HERE

Cost includes Cider tasting, dinner+cider and a talk by Greg Peck describing his cider apple research at Geneva.

More about the Heritage Apple Meeting

To gather together apple researchers, collectors and preservationists to meet one another and share successes and challenges in their work.  To create a plan to gather and compile information about major heritage apple collections in the US and to work towards creating a common database of those collections. That database could include contact info, availability of the collection, lists of cultivars, original source of cultivars, trueness-to-type of the accessions, use of the collection, number of duplicates in the collection, vulnerability of the collection, threats of the collection.

The database could then be used within the community to share information and locate cultivars that may not be in the USDA collection, to make plans for future genotyping of collections, etc. This would also be a great resource if grant opportunities (of any sort) were to ever be pursued.

Interested in joining? For more info email John Bunker (FedCo Trees) directly at

Later Event: September 22