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Art Opening: From Daughters, With Gratitude


Art, Dinner and Music with Motherwort

Thursday, September 6, 6 - 8 PM

Drop in to chat with our 4 artists and enjoy some farm-fresh-all female-sass-punk-folk with Motherwort

From Daughters, With Gratitude is a collection of pieces from four members of the Finger Lakes Cider House staff. These works communicate thankfulness for the generative relationships we cultivate between land, animals, plants and people. Through spirituality, playfulness, and reverence, the artists show appreciation for our connection to the natural world.

Audrey Bialke is an artist who recently relocated to the Finger Lakes, where she grew up. Her work focuses on environmental stewardship and her methods include painting, printmaking, and drawing. Her recent work employs landscape abstraction to convey constructive optimism regarding climate change. She received a BA in Drawing and Painting from SUNY Fredonia.

Valerie Brower is a California native who attended CSU Monterey Bay with a major in Visual and Public Art. Her focus the last few years has been on de-stressing and tapping into the inner thoughts of the great human mind. These artworks concentrate on overwhelming emotions, the energies of the universe, and how they converge in dreams, intuition, and daily life.

Zoë Miller grew up in the Farmington River valley of Connecticut and has called Ithaca home for the last six years. She uses many different mediums of art, from basket weaving to print making, as a means to connect with and learn about the natural world. These pieces are each a meditation on a specific species with whom she has built a connection with through wanders, tracking, encounters, research, and dreams.

Raised in Hector, Michelle E. Wright grew up running around the woods and riding bikes down dirt roads. She considers herself a 'photographist' which is a title she made up, given this art is her cathartic hobby more than anything else.