Cider by the Glass @ Asparaganza

On Tap

Ginger Bear (Good Life Cider): Tastings only On Tap.  Bottles available for purchase.  Ginger Soda made with fresh organic ginger from , plus organic citrus and local honey.  Non-alcoholic and Kid-friendly!

Honeoye (Good Life Cider): $5/glass.  Sweet. Sparkling. Bold Finger Lakes acidity smoothed with fresh sweet juice. Lush ripe apples, creamy mouthfeel.  Bright juicy finish. (6.9% ABV, 5%RS)

Old Time (South Hill Cider): $5/glass.  Off-dry. Sparkling. Fruit forward. Structure like a dry, sparkling Riesling. Tropical notes. (7% ABV, 0.9% R.S.)  

Rabblerouser (Black Diamond Cider): $5/glass. Estate grown. Off-dry. Sparkling.  A unique blend of American heirlooms, old English bittersweets, and rare red-fleshed apples- Pink Pearl and Redfield. Tropical fruit aromas with lively soft tannins that give way to a long lasting, slightly sweet finish. (7.4% ABV, 0.5%RS)

Summer Still Cider (Eve's Cidery):  $6/glass.  Still and Dry.  Made from apples harvested in 2014, fermented in stainless steel.  A complex blend Spy, Ellis Bitter, Dabinett.  This austere, dry, still cider surprised us with its unmistakable lemon-lime nose and remarkable thirst quenching qualities.  The mid-palette is airy, tart and juicy, Kumquat, bitter orange peel and chalk make for a finish that is both substantial and lingering.  (7.5% ABV, <1% RS)

Workhorse (Good Life Cider): $5/glass.  Semi-dry. Sparkling.  A blend of American heirlooms, new world sharps, and European bittersweets. Bright acidity is balanced with subtle tannins. Fruit forward, grapefruit and lemons. (8% ABV, 2.2%RS)

Workman Dry (Redbyrd Orchard Cider): $5/glass.  Dry. Sparkling. Clean and crisp, with green apple and passionfruit on the nose. A mineral and slate palate, finishing with chalky tannins and an edge of mouth-watering acidity. (9% ABV, 0% R.S.)

Bottle Pours

Darling Creek (Eve's Cidery): $7/glass.  Estate grown.  Semi-dry. Champagne style.  A blend of English and French bittersweets and bittersharps, fruity American cider apples and seedling varieties.  The aroma is a play between sweet- honeysuckle, apple blossom and red apple; herbal gin, licorice, and allspice; and green tomato and sapling. The mouthfeel is big and thick with a soft but dry, velvety texture. The finish is full and balanced with lingering notes of sweet sour apricot.  (8% ABV, 1.5% RS)

Hickster (Black Diamond Cider): $6/glass. Estate grown. Semi-dry. Sparkling. A blend of heirloom russet and bittersweet apples. Bold tannins and sharp acidity on the front. Smooth, yet complex finish with hints of vanilla and fresh apple. (7.4% ABV, 1.5% RS)

Starblossom (Redbyrd Orchard Cider): $7/glass.  Dry. Bottle conditioned.  An English style cider. Butterscotch on the nose with papaya, vanilla, and a creamy smooth finish hinting at black tea. Tropical fruit forward. Oak vanilla from wood tannins.   (8.5%ABV, 0.0%R.S.)

Sound Post (South Hill Cider): $8/glass.  Semi-dry. Lightly sparkling.  Aged in mature bourbon barrels.  Vanilla highland scotch on the nose. Mineral to start, then solidly bittersweet on the mid palate with velvety tannins and a long juicy finish. (7.4% ABV, 1.2% r.s.)