Meet Eve’s Cidery

308 Beckhorn Hollow Road, Van Etten, NY - map


Eve's Cidery is owned by Autumn Stoscheck, Ezra Sherman and James Cummins. Their orchard consists of two sites, one on Albee Hill in Van Etten, and the other on Shaffer Road in Newfield. Eve’s aims to make delicious, balanced ciders that show restraint in the cidery and that showcase their farm’s distinct land base, perched as it is on the divide between the Southern Finger Lakes and the Northern Appalachian Plateau in New York State.

Cider Talk

We believe the best ciders require true cider varieties, grown for the purpose of making cider, fermented carefully and with skill, and blended with artistic vision. Cider apples like Ellis Bitter, Brown Snout and Chisel Jersey are like wine grapes: they have the acids, tannins and sugars necessary to make a complex fermented beverage. Though it is labor intensive and takes time, we use the Traditional Method to produce a brilliantly clear cider with tiny bubbles of unrivaled elegance.

Farm Philosophy

Eve’s cidermaking process begins in the orchards, where they raise fruit for the sole purpose of making cider by cultivating apples with high brix, concentrated tannin, and pure flavors. Their holistic orcharding practices create a vibrant, perennial agricultural ecosystem. For Eve’s, this means building the soil, doing lots of hands on manual labor for pest management and engaging in a minimalist spray program using only organic sprays.