Local Food Available Every Day at 11 am

Sunday Brunch served 11 - 3 PM til 4/28/2019

Offering lunch to all workers and citizens affected by the Federal Government shutdown, until it ends.

Local to the core.

All of the meat, dairy, produce and fruit is raised on FLX farms, including our own Good Life Farm.

Lunch Menu (daily, 11 - 4 pm)

Sandwiches and Large Plates

Cast Iron Grilled Cheese - 12 -

Gouda, sourdough. Served w a side salad. (V)

Add Pesto and Apple -1-

Add Piggery Ham -2-

Add Soup - 3 -


Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich - 16 -

Sourdough roll. Served w a winter veg salad.

Mac & Cheese - 10 -

Local pasta, gouda, cheddar. (V)

Add house-smoked pulled pork -5-


Sides and Sweet Bites -4 to 6-

  • Garlic Cumin Black Beans (V, V+, GF)

  • Creamy Coleslaw (V, GF)

  • Oatmeal and Cacao Cookie (V)

  • Blue Cheese Wedge. Honey, crystallized ginger, dried 'Goldrush' apple rings. (V, GF)



Food All The Time

Cheese and Charcuterie - 16 -

Choose any four meats & cheeses, served with bread, seasonal pickles, house-made spreads, fruit.

  • Gouda- cow, semi hard

  • Cauyuga gold- goat, semi-soft

  • Ginger Morning Glory- cow, soft

  • Rose's Reserve- cow, semi-hard

  • Tomme- sheep, hard, aged

  • Bacon Onion Jam- house-made

  • Beef Andouille- light smoke, mild

  • Ginger Bacon Jerky- house-made


Bread, Butter, Pickle, Jam - 6- (V, V+)


Winter Farmer's Salad - 8 -

Seasonal mixed vegetables (V, V+), cheese (DF on request).

Add two hard boiled eggs - 3 -

Add house-smoked pulled pork -5-


Creamy Squash Soup - 4 / 7 - (V, V+, GF)


Griddled Cornbread with Jalapeno Honey Butter - 4 - (V)

Please note the Gluten Free/Vegetarian/Dairy Free Options on our Menu! We can sub GF crackers for bread on our boards.

Vegetarian = V

Vegan= V+

Gluten Free = GF

Dairy Free = DF