Local Food Available Every Day

(Not served during Friday Night Dinner 6 - 9 PM)

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Bread, Butter and Pickle/Jam Plate- $5

Sourdough Bread, Butter, Seasonal, House-made Pickles or Jam. Local and grass-fed.


March Charcuterie and Cheese Boards - $14

For charcuterie, choose 2 cheeses. For cheese boards, choose 3 cheeses.

Raw Cheddar - Engelbert Farm.  Made with organic raw milk, this deeply flavorful and rich cheddar pairs excellent with Funkhouse (Kite & String).  The creamy smooth texture and intense flavor melds with the silky and buttery mouthfeel of this bone dry, champagne style cider that has a wonderfully tannic finish.

Goblin - Crosswinds Creamery.  This semi-hard, creamy alpine style cow’s milk cheese pairs perfectly with Cazenovia (Kite & String).  Cazenovia’s long floral nose and strong bubbly finish are complemented by this rich, melt in your mouth cheese.

Wild Meadow - Maiden’s Creamery.  It has a nutty, earthy flavor and creamy texture that subtly changes with the seasons.  Hickok Still (Kite & String) makes an excellent accompaniment to Wild Meadow, with it’s dark and earthy tones showcasing the cheese’s seasonal pasture flavor.  The woodsy and waxy finish of Hickok bring to life this potently delicious and heavy rinded, aged alpine style goat’s milk cheese.

Gouda - Engelbert Farm.  This semi-hard, organic, and delicately textured gouda has a soft rind and well balanced flavor.  It pairs very well with Cyser (Kite & String). The stout creamy texture of the gouda comes forth as it combines with the tartness and sweetness of this incredible cider.

Chevre with Maple and Ginger - Lively Run Dairy.  This creamy goat’s milk cheese is blended with subtle amounts of Good Life Farm’s young ginger and local maple syrup from Dodge and Fulton.  This soft cheese with a hint of sweet ginger and maple pairs excellent with Honeoye (Kite & String). Honeoye’s delicate balance of floral sweetness and juicy acidity melts into the creamy texture and flavors of the cheese.

Charcuterie: Smoked Beef Chorizo Sausage - Engelbert Farm.  This lightly smoked organic sausage has subtle hints of spice and ample heat with a delicate texture, and pairs well with the Farmhouse (Kite & String).

Charcuterie: Bacon, Onion, and Herb Jam - House made using onions from Plowbreak Farm, Piggery bacon ends and our kitchen garden herbs here at the Cider House.  Fatty and crisp bacon flavor, sweet and acidic spice of onions, savory finish of thyme, rosemary, and sage. This house favorite pairs wonderfully with the Northern Spy (Kite & String).


Each board comes with our house made crystallized ginger (spicy), raw honeycomb, white bean and basil spread, a selection of our house fruit jams, beet pickles, local baked ciabatta crostini, and Goldrush apple chips.


Is it local?  It's hyper-local! 

Our sources for meat, dairy, veggies and fruit are listed above, so there is no doubt!


Please note the Gluten Free/Vegetarian/Dairy Free Options on our Menu! We can sub GF crackers for bread on our boards.