Dinner Menu for Friday, November 25, 2016

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Fresh Crepes at the Cider House

Ground beef with Pauline, Red Beets, Herbed Green Tomato Sauce - $12

Served with a Side Salad. Kenton's Cheese Co. Good Life Farm, Plowbreak Farm, Three Stone Farm

- Omnivore


Sweet Potatoes with Chevre and Fried Leeks - $12

Served with a Side Salad. Three Stone Farm, Lively Run Goat Dairy, Plowbreak Farm

- Vegetarian


Gingered Apples with Moovache - $9

Good Life Farm, Engelbert Farms

- Vegetarian


Simple Sweet Crepe w/ butter and maple syrup - $5

Krimhield Dairy, Dodge and Fulton

- Vegetarian


Holiday Special Dessert: Apple Ring Pancakes - $4

Good Life apples dipped in sweet batter, topped with honey, cinnamon, and sugar

Good Life Farm, Krimhield Dairy, Waid's Honey

- Vegetarian


Soups, Salads and Sides

Field greens with choice of 3 toppings - $10

Watermelon radish, sweet potatoes, blue cheese, meatball, hard boiled egg

Good Life, Three Stone, Plowbreak, Lively Run


Butternut Squash Soup - $4

Plowbreak Farm, Good Life Farm

- Vegan, GF


Green Salad - $4

Good Life Farm greens with watermelon radish and a roasted garlic and herb vinaigrette

Good Life, Plowbreak, Three Stone

- Vegan, GF


A La Carte Meatballs in Red Sauce - $3

Good Life and Engelbert Farms (beef)

- GF


Bread and Butter - $3

Wide Awake Bakery, Krimhield Dairy



Charcuterie Board -$12

2 local, cured meats; 2 local cheeses; fruit; house-made pickles; and butter served with locally baked sourdough bread. 


Cheese Board - $10

3 Local cheeses, fruit, house-made pickles; and butter served with locally baked sourdough bread. 


Bread, Butter and Pickle Plate -$5

Sourdough bread, butter, seasonal house-made pickles.


Sources: Good Life Farm, Northland Sheep Dairy, Krimhield Dairy, Wide Awake Bakery, Interbrook Farm, High Point Farm, Crosswinds Dairy, The Piggery, Englebert Farms, Kenton's Cheese, Lively Run Goat Dairy, Muranda Cheese Co.


Is it local?  It's hyper-local! 

Our sources for meat, dairy, veggies and fruit are listed with each menu item, so there is no doubt!


Allergies and dietary concerns?

Please note the Gluten Free/Vegetarian/Dairy Free Options on our Menu!