Friday Night Dinner and music with Three Stone Fire!

Specials for June 15, 2018

Soup:  Asparagus and Potato.  4 / 7 GF, DF, V

Salad Bowl:  Local pasta, asparagus oil, fresh asparagus, golden beet, onion, and herbs.  10 DF, VEG

Large Plate:  Spiced polenta, asparagus pesto, fresh greens, bacon bits, asparagus tips, strawberry peppercorn drizzle.  16 DF, GF


Sandwiches and Large Plates

Cast Iron Grilled Cheese - 10 -

Gouda, sourdough. Served w a side salad. Add Creamy Tomato Soup - 3 -


Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich - 15 -

Served w a side salad and coleslaw.


Toasted Cheddar Apple Sandwich - 10 -

Cheddar, greens, apple slices, pesto. Served w a side salad. 


Mac & Cheese - 8 -

Local pasta, gouda, cheddar.


Meatballs - 12 -

Three meatballs served w polenta.


Sides - 4 -

  • Garlic Cumin Black Beans
  • Cornbread w Jalapeno Honey Butter
  • Farm Fresh Seasonal Sauteed Vegetable
  • Single Meatball w polenta

Dessert - 6 -

  • Sweet Crepe. Maple syrup, butter, ginger sugar.
  • Seasonal fruit crisp, fruit (GF)
  • Blue Cheese Wedge. Honey, crystallized ginger, dried 'Goldrush' apple rings.

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