Groups, Tours & Private Events

Want to Bring a Group to Taste Local Cider?

We are small!  We require reservations for Group Tastings with 8-15 people.  If you would like to schedule a group over 15 people, please contact us for private event rates and hours available.  On Saturdays, we cannot schedule groups 8 or larger after 2pm.  We do not take reservations for dining (drop in only). Please note: Your reservation will be canceled if your group does not arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time.

Please contact us by email 1 week in advance:

Reservations and General Info

Group Dining and Reservations

We are drop in only for dining, no reservations taken.  We are small enough that we are unable to accommodate groups over 8 for dining.  Orders for food are taken at the bar on a first come, first serve basis.


Looking to Host a Private Event?

We welcome weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays and events of all natures! Below is some info for how we handle different event types and sizes.

Tasting for groups over 15 people

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Groups looking to taste but with more than 15 people are welcome to reserve our space during our closed hours. Please email to set up a date.

  • $15/person for a tasting 
  • $21/person for a tasting, group charcuterie/cheese boards


Private Events under 30 people

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For groups under 30 who want a casual or fancy private event inside the tasting room, we can offer the Tasting Room during hours we are normally closed, or we can work out an agreement to open late or close early (rates will be based on lost earnings - please contact us for more details if you’d like to rent out the Tasting Room during open hours). 

We can provide assistance with rentals, catering, music and layout on a case by case basis.

If you choose to hold an event during closed hours, our fees can be broken down per head:

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  • $15/person for a tasting and use of the space for 2 hours (tasting includes 1 cider)
  • $21/person for a tasting, group charcuterie/cheese boards and use of the space for 2 hours (tasting includes 2 ciders)
  • $30/person for a paired lunch or brunch and use of the space for 2 hours (tasting includes 3 ciders)
  • $45/person for a paired dinner and use of the space for 2.5 hour (tasting includes 3 ciders and 1 dessert cider)


Private Tours and Paired Lunches

We work directly with Experience! the Finger Lakes to provide a paired lunch and cellar tour experience.  Through them you will explore fine Finger Lakes ciders, wine and locally sourced food while learning about our region's rich culinary history and enjoying its natural beauty. For more info and to book, please contact Experience! The Finger Lakes directly for their Cider, Wine and Lunch on Cayuga Tour.


Weddings of up to 125 guests can be held in a tent directly outside the Cider House.  

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Our tasting room is open until 6 PM on Saturdays, and 5 PM on Sundays.  Outdoor events can begin anytime after 2 PM.  For outdoor events, the tasting room will remain open to the public, but the area behind the Cider House will be reserved for your event.  

All weddings must end by 11 PM.

The Finger Lakes Cider House offers a tremendous selection of Finger Lakes Orchard ciders, as well as housemade non-alcoholic switchels and ginger beer. You are welcome to add wine or bottled beer to the bar selection. We can work with you on pricing, service and selection for your bar style and a tasting to choose your ciders!

Coordination: we require coordination for weddings through Kinship and Company, owned and operated by Rachel Ostlund.  Rachel will take care of helping you plan every detail for your special event complete with setup, rentals, music, bar and catering, day-of. 

FLCH Tasting Room Events (30 and up)

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Dinners of up to 50 guests or cocktail parties of up to 65 guests can be hosted inside the Cider House.

Our tasting room is open until 6 PM on Saturdays, and 5 PM on Sundays.  Indoor events can begin at 7 PM on Saturdays and 6 PM on Sundays.  Indoor dinners and events must end by 11:30 PM.

We require the use of our Event Coordination through Kinship and Company for events for over 30 people. Owner and operator Rachel Ostlund will help see to all details including bar, catering, parking, flow, layout and rentals.