Holiday Cider to Celebrate!

Try our wide range of Champagne-style Ciders, and pop a cork on NYE!

Buy any 3 ciders, get 10% off all Good Life Cider on our menu.

Northern Spy.  (Eve’s Cidery).  Champagne method. Aromas of green melon, lime and toasted coconut.  Strawberry and green plum transition to a dry and salty finish.  (8.1% ABV). Glass $7 / Bottle $19

Cazenovia (Good Life Cider). Champagne method. Austere acidity backed with soft round tannins. Aromas of ripe pear and caraway. Rich, creamy mouthfeel with a long sparkling finish.  (8.3% ABV).  Glass $6 / Bottle $17

Bluegrass Russet (South Hill Cider).  Sparkling.  Hints of lemongrass and melon, soft florals on the nose. Lively, herbal, & musky. Delightful slightly sweet crisp finish.  (8.4% ABV) Glass $7 / Bottle $18

Darling Creek (Eve’s Cidery). Champagne method. The aroma is a play between honeysuckle, apple blossom and licorice.  Full finish with lingering notes of sweet-sour apricot. (8% ABV).  By the Glass $7 / Bottle $19

Rustica (Eve’s Cidery). Champagne method, receiving a dose of “sweet reserve” after disgorging.  Aromas of apple butter and vanilla.  Fresh and juicy on the finish, and notes of watermelon. (6.2% ABV).  Glass $7 / Bottle $19