Meet Eve’s Cidery

Autumn Stoschek, Ezra Sherman, James Cummins

308 Beckhorn Hollow Road, Van Etten, NY - map


Eve’s is an orchard-based cidery producing Traditional Method ciders at the intersection of the Southern Finger Lakes and the Northern Appalachian Plateau. James brings the wisdom and masochism of a sixth generation orchardist.  Autumn has the groundbreaking ideas and a brilliant palate.  Ezra holds the whole thing together with a steady hand and a dark sense of humor.  We work hard, we are often uplifted by the result, and we are battered and awed by the outside world together.


The land that we farm is not ours, but ours to care for while we are here. To know a place like this-the changes of the seasons, the curves of the hills, the songs of the birds- is to belong to the place. And it's the belonging that anchors us and gives us the notion to plant trees.  We caretake two unique and differing orchard sites- one in Newfield and at our home place in Van Etten.


Eve’s has evolved into a cidery that grows apples for cider-making only, selecting specific varieties and intentionally growing them for cider quality: organically grown apples that bring concentrated flavors, structure and acidity to their ciders. The primary impulse behind our cider making is to find an answer to the question: Can you taste a place? Between our Newfield site- older trees on deep soil- and Van Etten- newer trees on shale-, we think you can.

"Can you taste a place? We think you can."