Cider Tastings and By The Glass

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July 2018 Tasting Menu: Five Tastes for 5

Orchard Cider, One For Everyone

Featuring our own Kite & String

--Glacial Till ‘17-- Dry. Still. Estate grown here at Good Life Farm. Round, full bodied with a long, mellow tannic finish. (9% ABV).  Glass 6 / Bottle 15

--Funkhouse ‘17-- Bone dry. Champagne method. Silky and buttery from a malolactic fermentation with a creamy mouthfeel. (ABV 8.4%) Glass 6 / Bottle 17

--Cazenovia ‘16-- Bone dry. Champagne method. Floral nose and notes of black pepper, nasturtium, citrus rind and green pear. (ABV 8.4%). Glass 7 / Bottle 17

--Geneva Russet ‘17-- Dry. Champagne Method. Aromas of sweet baked apple, "dirty honey", beeswax, dried apple rings. (ABV 8.4%). Glass 7 / Bottle 18

--Baldwin '17-- Dry. Champagne Method.  Bright,tropical fruit, bracing acidity with notes of pineapple and lime, ending with a dry, weighty finish. (ABV 11%) Glass 7 / Bottle 18

--Pioneer Pippin ’17-- Off dry. Champagne Method. High acid. Candied lemon peel, wet metal, cranberry notes. Gripping crab apple tannins. (ABV 10%). Glass 7 / Bottle 18

--Cyser '17-- Semi-dry. Champagne Method. Cider fermented with local honey. Notes grilled peaches, raspberries and fresh honey. (ABV 10.3%). Glass 6 / Bottle 17

--Northern Spy ‘17-- Semi-dry. Method Charmat. Fresh, ripe fruit, honeydew, mango and papaya. Well balanced acidity with a sweet reserve. (ABV 8%). 
On Tap 6 / Bottle 15

--Rosé ‘17-- Semi-sweet. Method Charmat. High acid cider, Riesling juice, Marechal Foch red wine. Luscious strawberry. (ABV 8.5%).  On Tap 6 / Bottle 16

--Honeoye ‘16-- Sweet. Sparkling. Summer honey on the nose.  Lush ripe apples, thick, creamy, floral. Bright juicy acid.  (6.9% ABV).  On Tap 6 / Bottle 16

July Guest: Black Diamond Farm and Cider

This cider is crisp and bone dry. It has soft tannins, flinty mineral notes, and aromas of lime, green apple and grapefruit; our favorite for pairing with food. (ABV 8.3%) . 
On Tap 6 / Bottle 17

Specialty K&S Ciders

Ice Cider- Traditional '16 A dessert cider concentrated in the depths of winter. Lively acidity with layers of butterscotch and butter. (ABV 12%) Glass 8 / Bottle 25

Royal Cider ‘15 Fortified dessert cider. A cold concentrated ice cider blended w/ young apple brandy. Aged in American oak. Unfiltered, unfined. (ABV 18%). Glass 8 / Bottle 28

Pommeau ‘16 Still. Our cider custom distilled at Finger Lakes Distillery. Blended with russet and bittersweet juice, aged in American Oak. (ABV 20%) Glass 8 / Bottle 22


Non-Alcoholic Options

--Ginger Bear-- Sparkling. Like no other ginger soda- our own organic ginger, citrus and honey.  On Tap 3 / Bottle 6

--Switchel-- Sparkling. Sweet, sour and spicy old-time vinegar-based tonic. On Tap 3 / Bottle 6

--Shrub-- Seasonal options of this farm-grown, house-made vinegar, fruit and vegetable mixer. Bottle 12

--Sparkling Maple Sap-- Straight from our forest to your glass. Light, refreshing. As simple as it gets. On Tap 3 

The tasting menu is arranged from bone dry all the way to sweeter ciders and ends with Ice Ciders and Pommeau. Each cidery is featured throughout the menu.  Scattered throughout the menu are still ciders (no bubbles), traditional method ciders, bottle conditioned ciders and sparkling ciders.

Flight Menu: 4 x 4 oz glasses (16 oz total) $12

Featuring 10-15 cider options from bone dry to sweet to non-alcoholic.

Pouring from a rotation of on-tap sparkling ciders and by-the-bottle limited releases, traditional method and still cider. 

Glacial Till: Off dry. Still, balanced notes of sweetness and earthiness.

Cazenovia: Bone dry. Champagne style, strongly tannic.

Farmhouse Dry: Earthy w/ a distinct lemon note and creamy finish. 

Workman Dry (Redbyrd Orchard Cider). Bone dry, tart, bright.

The Last Blacksmith (from our June Guest: Hudson Valley Farmhouse). Smoky, barrel aged, funky, tannic.

Northern Spy: Semi dry. Single varietal. Well balanced. Mango & melon notes.

Rosé: Semi sweet. Wine and Cider blend. Fruity and floral.

Honeoye: Bright and juicy. Creamy w/ a balanced acidity. 

Young Cider: Sweet and punchy. Actively fermenting and alive! 

Ginger Bear: Non-alcoholic organic ginger soda. Spicy! Sweetened with honey. NA

Switchel: Sparkling. Refreshing, vinegar-based soda. NA

Sparkling Maple Sap. Straight from our maple forest to your glass! NA