Brunch Menu

Served 11 - 3 PM Sundays until April 28, 2019

*Please note we are unable to take reservations for meals and generally cannot serve groups over 7*

Come relax, sip some cider, and order from the bar or host station


-Savory Breakfast Crepe- 12
Our unique crepe filled with cumin black beans, scrambled eggs, cheese. Served with a winter veg salad and hot sauce. (V)
Add Piggery Ham 2
Add Hash 2

-Stacey's Daily Frittata- (GF) 10 (V)
Eggs, seasonal Good Life Farm veggies, cream, savory herbs. Served with a winter veg salad and hot sauce.
Add Hash 2

-Sweet Potato Hash- (V, V+, GF/DF) 8
Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, yellow beets, herbs. Served with winter veg salad, house saurkraut, pepitas, ginger applesauce and hot sauce.
Add 2 scrambled eggs 3
Add yogurt 0.50

-Sweet Breakfast Crepe- 5 (V)
For a sweet treat or your small companion! Maple syrup, butter, jam.

-Granola- 5 (V)
Housemade. Oats, brown sugar, honey, pepitas. Served over yogurt.
Add Walnuts 1

-Isaiah's Bacon Cake- 4 (GF/DF)
Bacon, eggs, cornmeal, herbs. Griddled.
Two for 7

-Coffee w refill- 4
Drip coffee from 40Wt. Coffee Roasters

-Tea- 2.50
Choice Organic Teas: Irish Breakfast, Genmaicha, Chamomile or Lavender Lemon Mint

Local? Everything you're eating is from the Finger Lakes

Our sources for meat, dairy, veggies and fruit are listed with each menu item, so there is no doubt!


Allergies and dietary concerns?

Vegetarian = V

Vegan= V+

Gluten Free = GF

Dairy Free = DF