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South Hill Prelude #2 Keg Tapping

Prelude #2: Available Now in Bottles...

...while the last keg is tapped, and Steve plays his fiddle.

Prelude #2: A blend of tannic cider apples with Northern Spy and Cox's Orange Pippin. Single whiskey barrel fermentation. Creamy mouthfeel with fine bubbles with notes of dark chocolate, and tropical fruit. ABV 7.8% RS 1.8%

South Hill Cider's Prelude cider is the beginning of an ongoing series. All of the Prelude series are micro-scale batches that will be released periodically as introductions to upcoming ciders or as individual fermentations.

Many South Hill Ciders have musical-themed names. Steve has been an active musician and luthier in Ithaca for as long as he has been a cidermaker. He notes how flavors blend in ciders is not unlike how musical sounds blend in harmony to create both beauty and balance.

Join us to celebrate the last keg of 2015 Prelude #2, alongside Steve and the Bouvin Lovers!

Later Event: March 28
Closed Today due to Illness