FAQ & Policies


We understand that your dog might be traveling with you.  Dogs are allowed in the Tasting Room only, and must be leashed and closely supervised at all times.  Do not take your dog out on the farm.  The Good Life Farm is home to steady, calm horses; cows raising calves; chickens foraging; orchard-lovin' dogs; and, geese tending their goslings.  It is our job to protect their safety and comfort here at their home.  From experience, we know that outside dogs disrupt the farm ecosystem.  They are not allowed on the farm at large.  Please walk your dog from the parking lot to the tasting room and vice versa.  Do not take your dog around the farm.

Group Tastings

We require reservations for Group Tastings with 8-20 people.  See our Group Tastings page for more info.  Please note: We will not be taking reservations for the first two weekends in October (October 1-2 and October 8-9) due to Cider Week.

Group Dining and Reservations

We are drop in only for dining, no reservations taken.  We are small enough that we are unable to accommodate groups over 8 for dining.  We will happily try to seat groups up to 8 people on a drop in basis.


We serve a range of ciders to entice and satisfy most palates!  We also serve a rotation of house-made non-alcoholic sodas and shrubs, and keep juices on hand.  Please do not bring alcohol with you to our establishment, and please do not drink in our parking lot.